What Is the WCRB Karate
"Academic Excellence through Karate" Program?

WCRB Karate utilizes an Academic Excellence Program through Behavioral Modification. Research acquired over a twenty-five year period by "Master" Rodney Batiste supplied the basic strategies used in this inventive, unique, and successful time-proven program.  The program is designed to help children achieve scholastic improvement through the setting and pursuing of personal and educational goals, using focused thought, and self-discipline. Once this is pledged, other self-improvement concepts gradually appear, such as confidence, and self-esteem.

    The program requires that the children make a Promise to work towards the ideals of a "Black Belt" (Black Belt Club Promise), an accomplished rank awarded only to those who uphold strict codes of behavior and self-discipline of the mind, as well as the body. To help each child achieve their Promise, they must be sponsored by people that believe in them.

    Once a child is accepted into the program, the members are given a
"class identification card". This card is specifically designed to keep the kids focused and on track, with a Daily To-Do List, a goal acquisition schedule, a report card check sheet, and more!  "Master" Batiste designed this card based on compiled information attained in his extensive research, as proven methods to improve a child's behavior.

    No one is allowed to test for promotion without first having his/her "Notice of Intent to Promote" form signed by their sponsors! Achievements are tracked, recognized, and rewarded!

   Master Batiste's program has proven so successful that it is openly recognized and applauded by parents, families, and educational institutions alike! "Thank you" letters regularly pour in to support this innovative, inspirational, and exceptional program. Even "at risk" children are recommended for this program from counselors, principals, community activists, and law enforcement professionals! (Testimonials)

Don't waste this opportunity! WCRB Karate is ready to help you Today!


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